Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ruth's Public Radio Report Pt. III

As always KPFA's The Morning Show had much to offer including an interview with Matthew Rothschild, the Wednesday discussion on labor and Andrea Lewis' interview of Gary Hart that Elaine wrote about. Monday's broadcast is scheduled to include a discussion of KPFA which will be celebrating its 57th anniversary all this month. KPFA went on the air April 15, 1949. I will also note that Howard Zinn was a guest on Friday. He and Ms. Lewis discussed the importance of independent media and issues of empire. They also discussed Iraq and Anthony Arnove's new book Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal which Mr. Zinn has written the introduction to and whose title echoes Mr. Zinn's book Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal.

In e-mails this week, members noted that they were happy C.I. had added individual links to the stations and the archives for KPFA, WBAI and KPFT which are the three stations I tend to focus on the most in these reports. That is largely because of their archives, the suggestions from members and the accessibility of the streams for those who listen online. As C.I. noted, I do not listen to WBAI online, though with the leaves sprouting on the trees, I may soon have to. My granddaughter Tracey was the one who informed last summer that I could listen to WBAI over the radio and that does depend on which radio I'm using and which room I am in. I will also note that Seth is considering covering a Pacifica program at his site Seth in the City. I hope he is able to do so and that everyone in the community works to get the word out on Pacifica.

Lastly, I hope this report flows. On Saturday, most of it was lost when there was the computer incident. With C.I. and others present, I was eager to try posting on my own, with helps on links and tags, and the personal lesson for me may be to stick to e-mailing my posts. I have recreated most of what I was not able to recover. I will add that Law and Disorder did a segment on the protests against proposed punitive immigration laws and encouraged everyone to get involved. My granddaughter Tracey, my grandson Jayson and I were able to come out to California and to meet some of the students making sure that democracy remains alive in this country. Their activism and spirit deserves loud rounds of applause and makes me hopeful, despite the Bully Boy in the Oval Office, for our future.

Today on KPFA at nine a.m. Pacific time, eleven a.m. Central and noon Eastern, Larry Bensky's Sunday Salon will be exploring these topics:

In our first hour...
The Three "Rs"... No, not THOSE three... Revenge. Retribution. Rectification. The story we've passed down from generation to generation about these values fools us into believing our nation's penal system, including capital punishment, is legitimate. That's according to our guest, Judith Kay, author of "Murdering Myths: The Story Behind the Death Penalty."
In our second hour...

Who or Whom? That or Which? She or Her? Which is right? When? And how much does it really matter? Brush up on your grammar, or challenge your beliefs about it with Los Angeles Times columnist, June Casagrande, author of the new book "Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for Fun & Spite," and Geoffrey Nunberg, professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and the author of a the upcoming book "Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show."

And Rachel e-mailed to note this Monday night program (air time is Eastern Standard Time) on WBAI:

SAMUEL BECKETT 100: A Special Presentation
Monday, April 10, from 9:00-11:00 pm: Commemorate Beckett's centenary and the 50th anniversary of the American premiere of his masterpiece, Waiting for Godot, by listening to a special broadcast of the play featuring the original Broadway cast: Burt Lahr, E.G. Marshall, Alvin Epstein and Kurt Kasner. Hosted and with an introduction by Simon Loekle.

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