Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thankful in 2005 for, hopeful in 2006 for

We were asked what we were thankful for in 2005 and what our hope for 2006 was? Obviously, we all hope to see an end of the occupation of Iraq. So instead of repeating that over and over in each response, we've chosen to note another hope.

Betty: What I'm thankful most for in 2005 was being able to go to DC for the protests in September. And subheading to that, I'm very thankful to Kat for watching my kids so I could go to the party Ava's family threw. Evenings away from kids can be counted on one hand in any given year. It was a wonderful party and it was wonderful break aided by the fact that my kids loved Kat at first sight and took to her like they've never taken to anyone. So thank you to Kat.
My hope for 2006? That more people with platforms will use them to call for an end to the war.

Dona: I'm thankful for friends and family in 2005. In 2006, my hope, probably false hope, is that the mainstream media will seriously pursue and report the truth as opposed to spin.

Rebecca: I'm thankful for the very strong support group that my friends, including everyone participating in this edition, provides me with. In 2006, my hope is that we can see a real effort put forth by Democrats in Congress to question Alito as opposed to the soft joshing they gave Roberts in 2005.

Ty: Thankful that with Jim living with Dona and Ava, Jess and me have more space in the apartment and don't have to put up with Jim's smelly sneakers on the coffee table. Hope for 2006, that people take the mid-term elections seriously and use their votes wisely.

Jim: I'm thankful for my relationship with Dona as well as for my relationship with my friends, especially that they're comfortable enough to diss my sneakers in front of me. Must speak to a really strong friendship bond. In 2006, my hope is that those who are reporters in name only will be loudly called out and that those who actually work hard to try to gather and report news will be rewareded for their efforts.

Wally: First thing that comes to mind is that I'm glad my grandfather wasn't harmed in the hurricane. In 2006, I hope we to stand up and be counted.

Kat: In 2005, I was thankful for friends, family, music and other arts, and for the people willing to take a stand for what matters. My hope for 2006 is that in 2007 we'll look back and feel like we really accomplished something.

Mike: Knowing the need to butter up, I'll give my thanks to the readers of my site and to Nina, my girlfriend. My big hope for 2006 is that we'll see Congressional results that will make impeachment a likely prospect.

Elaine: I'm thankful for the energy and passion that made up 2006, especially at the tail end of the year. In 2006, I hope that peace is harder by the "jaded" to be mocked. I'm really sick of the "ironic" posers and their jabs at peace.

Jess: Behind you all the way on that, Elaine. When I read Cedric's self-inventory, I wondered how I'd measure up in my own self-inventory? I'm glad that there are some things I did and took part in during 2005 that I can be proud of. For 2006, I hope for more such things. And I hope the audience for Democracy Now! triples.

Mike: I wish I'd said that last one.

Ava: I'm thankful for a year that everyone feels I found my voice in, everyone here. I wasn't aware that I was mute before! But I do see why that points been made by a lot of people present. My hope for 2006 is that more women find their voices and that they use them to for good causes. As opposed to, fill in the blank.

Cedric: I know what the blank is but I'll high road it as you did. I'm thankful for? You know, the hardest thing for me in 2005, looking back, was Vern's death. I had only known him a short time but I'm really glad and thankful that I started visiting the nursing home and got to know him and Three Cool Old Guys. In 2006, my hope is . . . to use my time wisely because you never know how much time you have left.

C.I.: Everyone's gone right? Okay, in 2005, I'm thankful that I got through it. That's not even touching on the health scare, just getting through it. Short of impeachment, that's one down, three more to go. For 2006, my hope is that we seriously examine the agenda Bully Boy's pushing as opposed to hearing after the fact, "When we voted for ___, we didn't intend for this to happen."
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