Sunday, January 22, 2006

Editorial: Senate Dems, if you're done enjoying that golden shower . . .

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts from last week. We think it acurately portrays the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court.

There's Bully Boy prancing around with Alito on a leash. There's Alito hiking up his leg and taking a whizz on the Dems. Notice that none of them attempt to run off. We believe that's Dick Durbin who's at least trying to block the urine from his face.

Watching the hearings and then the Sunday chat & chews that followed and reading through the press on MLK Day, we felt as though the Democrats were attempting to act out a scene from Adam's Family Values. As though they were the young girl at camp, waving her hand in the air and excitedly saying, "I'll play the victim!"

To which the Democratic base, playing Christina Ricci's Wednesday Adams, responded, "All your life."

Democrats seemed shocked that the very people who've screamed "BLUE!" everytime the Bully Boy has sworn the sky was brown wouldn't cut them some slack as they attempted to spin their own defeat.

Get used to it.

Learn to listen to the voters who regularly turn out for the Democratic Party or stop seeking office.

It's really appalling that the Democrats seemed happy to be soaked in urine and play along until they were called on it. Maybe Joe Biden enjoys a golden shower?

The voters don't. While Bully Boy's soaked the rich with cash and tax breaks, the rest of the people have just gotten pissed on. To turn around and see their so-called leaders roll around in it was disgusting.

Right now, at this moment, it appears the so-called leaders may have a tiny bit of a spine. Or maybe they're just attempting to stand straight because they've heard loud and clear that they damn well better?

They better start doing something.

There seems to be a rallying cry of, "We're going to win in November because of the DeLay, Frist and Abramoff scandals!" Yeah, seems like a done deal, doesn't it?

The same way that giving Bully Boy a blank check in 2002 seemed smart to the so-called leaders. "We won't oppose and after the elections we'll be back in power because the opposition party always picks up seats in the off year elections!" Was that the "logic"?

Didn't quite work out that way, now did it?

Here's what will work. Showing some action behind the words. Taking some stands. Not aping the Bully Boy. Not being Bush-lite.

If the Democratic Party can't get it together before the election, there's no reason to believe that they will after. Don't give us promises of "serious hearings" when every promise you've made to be tough thus far has ended up a broken one.

You say you're going to fight for us. Let start seeing some bruises. It's not just that you continue losing to the Republicans, it's that you don't even fight back.

It's past time to put some action behind all the words. Do it or step aside and let some new blood pick up the seats because there's too much at stake for 'fraidy cats and lapdogs to be holding office.
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