Monday, April 01, 2019

From The TESR Test Kitchen


Again into The Test Kitchen and again something bad for you gets a wonderful rating from us.  Three Musketeers.  Yes, they are wonderful.  And have been since 1934.  A candy bar that's 87 years old.  That basic bar has been a mainstay but they have tried other flavors as well:

  • Original 3 bar-Chocolate (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), 1932–1945
  • Chocolate with filling, 1945–present
  • Mint, 2007
  • "Autumn Minis" – Cappuccino, French Vanilla and Strawberry, 2007
  • Cherry, 2008
  • Raspberry, 2008
  • Orange, 2008
  • Chocolate Strawberry Brownie, 2008
  • Chocolate Brownie Bar (Generation Max series)
  • S'Mores Brownie Bar (Generation Max series)
  • Truffle Crisp
  • Marshmallow, limited edition Minis, Easter 2011 and 2012
  • Coconut, 2011
  • Hot Chocolate with marshmallow, Christmas 2012

And, most recently, "Birthday Cake."  For the last six or so months, Birthday Cake has been floating around.  And it will float on your tongue.  The candy bar still has the nougat (vanilla flavored) but it has sprinkles on it and, of course, the usual milk chocolate.

It is outstanding.  A winning flavor in a candy world where exploration of existing candies all too often ends in disappointment.

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