Monday, January 21, 2019

What happened, Meryl?

Season two of BIG LIES will soon be upon us and word is that Meryl Streep is less than amazing.  Are we really surprised?

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Honestly, the only thing about the overrated and technical Meryl Streep that surprises us these days is: Where did that big payday go?

Remember three years ago?  Meryl was going to be teaming with J.J. Abrams to film THE FIX for AMAZON and she would be receiving $825,000 an episode.

What happened?

The word is that AMAZON looked at their own statistics and wondered how Meryl's 'audience' could justify even a quarter of that pay?

She's not popular.

She's 'popular' the way Joan Allen is on a FAMILY GUY episode.  But in terms of people taking the time to actually watch her?  Not so much.

It shouldn't be all that surprising.  She's made sixty feature films -- the bulk of which most Americans have actively avoided.  Her average box office (domestic) is $39.9 million.

She's failed, decade after decade, to contribute a cinematic moment to our collective memory.  She's never been a movie star -- that requires a special spark -- and she's only a so-so actress who is more famous for her externals (accents, gestures) than for internals.  She's not a Method actress and it shows.  She works from the outside and never actually gets into a part.

Where did her big payday go?

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