Monday, December 17, 2018

Such acts violate Iraq's sovereignty . . .

In Friday morning's "Iraq snapshot," the continued bombings of northern Iraq were called out.  Later that day, the Foreign Ministry of Iraq issued the following:


The Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Fatih Yildiz and handed him a letter of protest over the repeated air violations by Turkey. The Ministry denounces the actions of Turkish aircraft that violate the Iraqi airspace and target several sites in the areas of Mount Sinjar and Makhmour in northern Iraq, which caused loss of life and property.
Such acts violate Iraq's sovereignty and security of citizens and are unacceptable on all levels, contrary to the principles of good-neighborliness that bring together the two countries. The Foreign Ministry also reiterates its refusal to use Iraqi territory as a base or a corridor to carry out acts that effect  the security of neighboring countries , and calls on the Turkish side to abide by this in order to maintain the friendly relations between the two countries.
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