Monday, November 26, 2018

Don't lie to Barbra!


Barbra Streisand's WALLS is shaping up to be her biggest bomb since 1984's EMOTION.  So, of course, she's out there desperately promoting it.  From an interview with her for THE DAILY MAIL, Chrissy IIley types, "Barbra has written or co-written seven of the tracks, including Walls, about physical and emotional walls that keep you in as well as out, and Don’t Lie To Me, which has the lyric, 'How do you win if we all lose?'."

Oh, Chrissy, you stupid idiot.  Learn to actually read.  You've confused production credits with songwriting ones.  Barbara did not write one song on the album by herself.  She does get co-writing credit on three songs.

Three is not seven.

And co-writing is not the same as having "written or co-written seven of the tracks."

Chrissy, you're a world class liar so you're the perfect writer to come spend  time inside Barbra's SOUR WALLS.

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