Wednesday, September 26, 2018

From The TESR Test Kitchen


Mac and cheese -- who doesn't love it?

Not us.  We've even sampled every kind of instant, pour water in the cup and toss it in the microwave kind.  And we've yet to be impressed.

But we came across Rapid Mac Cooker.

a mac and cheese

It boasts:

No need to Use the Stove or Pots again!

Cook in 5 mins vs 20 mins on the Stove!

Dishwasher Safe!

Cooks Perfectly Every Time!

BPA Free!


It claims to be the "World's Fastest and Easiest Way to Cook Mac & Cheese!"

We were willing to give it a try.  We used boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for our TESR tests.

We followed the directions.

1) POUR macaroni into Rapid Mac Cooker, add water to fill line.

2) MICROWAVE for 2:30 mins.

3) STIR throroughly to loosen noodles, microwave once more for 2 mins.

4) ADD ingredients per instructions.  Mix well and enjoy!

5) Microwaves vary in power.  For best results add more/less cook time per your taste.

"Microwaves vary in power."  Okay.  So in addition to the above,  we also tried cooking for 3 minutes and stirring then for 3 minutes more, then 3:30 minutes for both, then 4 minutes for both.

It didn't make a difference.

Our verdict?

For work, this is great.  You'll have enough for two to three people.  It's easy to clean up after using.

For home?

This product is no reason or sound argument to ditch making mac and cheese on the stove.

Our problem with the instant mac and cheese products is that the noodles are never fully cooked, instead they're rubbery.  In the Rapid Mac Cooker, the noodles are also rubbery.  Again, for work, that's okay.  But if you have a stove or hot plate, you'll have better mac and cheese making it the traditional way.

One detail worthy of applauding -- the instructions aren't just on the cardboard around the plastic dish -- they are careved into the dish.  This isn't like a popcorn -- microwave popcorn item -- we reviewed before which required you to either memorize the popping time or else keep the cardboard.

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