Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vote Vets wants applause not honesty

You always knew Vote Vets was nothing but partisan hacks and that their ideal was Senator Macho Duckworth but did you know how really stupid they were?

This is ABC's . He suffered a traumatic brain injury, when reporting about our troops in Iraq. He is a reporter, and not the "enemy of the people." MANY other journalists have sacrificed, even died, to report to you. Add one you'd like to honor.

Bob Woodruff is certainly a likable person and he has certaily done a great job since being injured on covering topics like, yes, injuries.

But let's not pretend that Bob ever did anything much before that.

ABC sent him to Iraq because?  He was supposed to get footage of US troops and their reactions to Bully Boy Bush.  He was embedded for a fluff piece.  His career was nothing but fluff pieces.

He was not covering the Iraqi people.  He was not covering the effects of war on the Iraqi people.

Had he not been injured, his career would have remained pure fluff and pure garbage.

The notion that Vote Vets presents is not only false, it's whoring.  In their world, nothing matters but them.  They are the most important thing in the world.  Not democracy, not self-rule, nothing but the fact that they put on uniform and went where they were told -- even if that was into an illegal war.

They're important, you understand, because they're vets -- in their mind.

An alternative view?

In the real world, they should probably be addressing what they actually did -- which was kill Iraqis, destroy the Iraqi people.

But, hey, Tammy Duckworth wants you to know she lost her legs.

Oh, how awful.  Even the two faux testicles that she's since grown -- in here head -- don't make her a mircale.

She was part of an oppressive force that destroyed a country.

She and her buddies really need to learn to shut the f**k up and grasp that they don't understand democracy and their constant harping on their military 'experience' is both bragging and confessing to War Crimes.

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