Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Editorial: Who started the fire?

Iraq holds elections May 12th.  Some politicians -- including Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi -- aren't happy with the results because they didn't do so good.  They demanded a recount.  On Sunday, one of the warehouses with the ballots was set on fire.

Who started the fire?

  1. Fire breaks out at Baghdad warehouse storing ballot boxes for Iraq's election recount

  1. Iraq’s outgoing parliament speaker calls for a repeat election after a storage site housing ballot boxes from May’s parliamentary election caught fire in Baghdad

  1. A video circulated by some Iraqi social media accounts show the aftermath of the fire that led to the ballot boxes with voting cards destroyed by the blaze... Sums up the situation in Iraq at the moment!

    0:09 / 0:11


  1. Iraq's Biggest Ballot Storage Facility Mysteriously Burns Down Ahead Of Vote Recount

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