Monday, June 04, 2018

Editorial: The Hobby Lobby of journalists

Rukmini Callimachi claims she's a reporter but she took it upon herself to steal documents from Iraq.  She stole them, she then smuggled them out of the country.

When the growing outcry over cultural appropriation became too much, Rukmini announced that the documents would be "donated" to Iraq.  But, turns out, her decision only came after the Iraqi government informed THE NEW YORK TIMES that the papers needed to be returned immediately and that an apology was in order.

EXCLUSIVE: I've obtained a letter from Iraq's National Intelligence Service requesting that the returns the 15,000 "ISIS Files" illegally seized and smuggled out of by and her team. NYT said today that they plan to "donate" the files back to Iraq.

Rukmini is a thief -- she is the Hobby Lobby of journalists.

She stole important papers from Iraq.  She lied to take them out of the country.  She's lied ever since.  She has no ethics.

Each year, her theft will more and more well known and it will be the defining act of her career.

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