Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Crawl back under your rock, Kurt

Lookie, lookie, Kurt Eichenwald took a little time off from i.m.-ing underage boy porn actors to Tweet.

What protest voting brought us: 1. Iraq war. 2. 2001 tax cuts that crippled finances 3. 2008 economic collapse 4. Millions lose health insurance 5. Rise of white supremacists 6. Children taken from parents Protest voting is narcissistic evil. No one cares what "message" you send

Protest voting did not bring anyone the Iraq War.

Kurt, you've been staring at that young teen too long, picturing him without pubes.

In 2000, some people voted.  Those who did?  Some voted for Gore (he won the popular vote), some for Bully Boy Bush and some for Ralph Nader (among other candidates).  Everyone voting for Ralph was not protest voting.

If you'd step away from NIFTY.ORG and then incest porn that you like there, you might grasp that each person owns their vote and can use however they want (including not voting).

If you're candidate of choice can't speak to a voter in a way to win their vote, that's on the candidate.

Again, we realize that you spend most of your time online looking for porn but that doesn't mean you can lie the rest of the time.

And you are lying about number six, aren't you?  Because Barack Obama did exactly what Donald Trump's doing now with immigrants only you didn't care to highlight that, did you?

Crawl back under your rock, Kurt, crawl back under your rock.

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