Monday, December 18, 2017

Hey, Stevie and Paul, we could use another song

Remember this song?

Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney on "Ebony and Ivory" ("live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we?")?

It's a song we thought of with the news of Miss Iraq being chased out of her own country after posing for a selfie with Miss Israel.

  1. A "peace" selfie Miss Iraq took with Miss Israel at the Miss Universe pageant has put her family's lives in danger
  2. Remember how Miss Iraq and Miss Israel posed together to model coexistence at the Miss Universe pageant? Well, Miss Iraq's family was just forced to flee Iraq due to death threats. She has nonetheless refused to take down the photo.
  3. Family of Miss Iraq flee country after photo posted with Miss Israel

Miss Iraq took a selfie with Miss Israel, and now she’s in hiding

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