Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Kim Kardashian needs a tutor

The woman famous for seeking fame, the 21st century's offended some by dressing up as Aaliyah.

She responded, "For me, it's always about love and respect. I loved that Kourtney was Michael Jackson for one of her costumes, and that my son was Axel Rose. We don't see color in my home. We were paying homage to people and artists we love and respect -- it's that simple!"

She might have thought that sounded reasoned and intelligent.

She might have thought that.

She'd be wrong.

Apparently, her home embraces racism, homophobia and attacks on immigrants.

Axl Rose -- that is how it's spelled, Kim -- is known for all three.  His "One In A Million," for example, contains lines like "Police and ni**ers, that's right Get outta my way Don't need to buy none of your Gold chains today" and "Immigrants and fa**ots They make no sense to me They come to our country And think they'll do as they please Like start some mini-Iran Or spread some f**king disease"

Poor, pathetic, stupid Kim Kardashian.

That's who she dressed her son as: Axl Rose.

Axl Rose -- with his racism, homophobia and hatred of immigrants -- is someone Kim and her family "love and respect -- it's that simple!"

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