Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If you were a Kurd . . .

What would you think?

Looking around at what's going on and what people are saying, what would you be thinking?

Maybe you'd note how the Kurds came together September 25th to vote on a referendum?

You'd think about how the vote was peaceful despite threats from the Baghdad-based Iraqi government.

And maybe you'd be proud that 92% of the Kurds voting wanted an independent Kurdistan.

The Kurds are the largest ethnic group on the globe without a homeland.

It was a vote, a non-binding vote.

And yet Baghdad tried to bully and intimidate.  They sent troops to the border of northern Iraq.  So did Turkey.  So did Iran.

And Baghdad closed the Kurdish airports and made more threats.

They then sent the Shi'ite militias in to attack the Kurds.

And maybe you're thinking, "Our Peshmerga could have taken them."

Because they could have.  But the Talabani family -- now being called The Treasonous Talabanis -- betrayed the Kurds and ordered the Peshmerga to withdraw.

Do the Talabanis really not want an independent Kurdistan?


Or maybe they just can't stand that the Barzani family were the ones to take the Kurds closer to this long dream of an independent homeland.

THE GUARDIAN seems to think the matter is now over for at least a generation.

Ali Khedery Retweeted Kurdistan 24 English
The Kurds have given up on the United States. They're appealing to Russia - Russia - to save them from Islamists in Iran, Iraq & Turkey.
Ali Khedery added,

Apparently, the Kurds didn't get the memo.

. North of . The West betrays . But the demonstrate against Iranian and Iraqi occupation .

The Kurds aren't waiting a generation, nor should they.

The Baghdad-based government is attacking them.  It's that simple.

Evidence of abuse, human rights violation targeting Kurds in Tuz Khurmatu: report.

Maybe all the silence can be broken?

But if it's not, that will just harden the Kurds resolve.

If you were a Kurd and felt like the world was basically ignoring your suffering and the attacks on you right now, we would understand your feeling that way.

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