Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The real Barbara Lee is so much less

Oh, Michael Tracey, are you really falling for con artist Barbara Lee?

If so, apparently THE YOUNG TURKS aren't the only thing disappointing these days.

Replying to 
Here's a quote from Barbara Lee that I think everyone should take to heart:

Barbara Lee, the Congressional fake ass herself.

What did she do during the eight years Barack was president?

Not a damn thing.

Prior to that?

Not a whole lot to brag about.

It was Cynthia McKinney, for example, not Barbara Lee, who introduced Articles of Impeachment against Bully Boy Bush (and Dick Cheney and Condi Rice).

Grand standing Babsie Lee is back to fooling the people.

She's useless.

Well sometimes she's misreading -- or so she claims.

Or buying into scare tactics and Russia fear mongering.

Unlike Michael Tracey, we've spent 12 years here demanding an end to the Iraq War and we're fully aware that in the last 8 years, Babsie ain't done s**t.

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