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Again into the mailbag.  Our e-mail address is

Pete e-mails asking if we've given up our feature Film Classics of the 20th Century?


There are many films we plan to cover.

It's a long running series, please note.

There are many films we plan to get to including one of Bob Hope's films.

That's noted because Jonnie insists that we only support films of people whose politics we agree with.


We're not, for example, familiar with the politics of Hayley Mills but that didn't stop us from noting her in the series.  Bob Hope?

We're not too concerned about his politics.

We are concerned that, if he's making a comedy, he's making us laugh.

And there are many films he's made that do just that.

One of those films even qualifies as a classic.  C.I. and Jim have been calling for it to be noted since the series first started.

Having read some books on Hope since that time, we're all surprised that the film is seen as minor or unimportant in the minds of biographers.

Are comics gone from our orbit?


It wasn't planned.

But as comics went everywhere, we lost interest.

Our magazine reviews?

We're not overly interested in the topic these days and don't feel there are many magazines worth reading these days.

Most missed magazine by us?  CLAMOUR.

It was everything a magazine should be.

There are websites worth reading.

But there are also websites that became useless.

General rule for us, you start acting like the Iraq War ended, you've lost us and you're probably never going to get us back.

"Will Ava and C.I. ever return to doing straight reviews of TV shows?" wonders Arthur B.

As opposed to what?

Gay reviews?

Seriously, no one -- including Ava and C.I. -- know from one week to the next what they will be doing with their writing.

They have two pieces this week.

Neither is what was planned.

Their pieces, more and more, are conversations they have with one another.

They've covered pretty much everything in the last 12 years and done so in every way and manner.

They don't do greatest hits.

They're not going to sing the old tunes.

So what they're going to be doing next is an unknown.

When Arthur's question was presented to them for comment, they cited last week's "TV: CLAWS" as an example where they were trying to do what Arthur B. wants.

But what they're doing now is a conversation that starts with the two of them, gets written up and then becomes a larger conversation as it goes up here.

Are we bothered by Congress these days?

Genie wondered that.

We're always bothered by their refusal to confront the Iraq War.

We're always laughing at Barbara Lee's attempts to present herself as anti-war.

US House Representative Jamie Raskin is currently pimping Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.

We've been appalled by that ever since it made the front page of YAHOO NEWS.

Congress, per the Constitution, already has oversight of the executive branch.

This proposed legislation seems nothing more than an attempt to overturn an election.

That bothers us.

Cleo e-mails because she's bothered, "It's been way too long since you have done a 'Mailbag.'"

We agree and we'll try to do them more often.

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