Tuesday, June 06, 2017

From The TESR Test Kitchen

"Get thee back into The TESR Test Kitchen!" e-mailed Brady.  "You covered ice cream, but what about low carb, low sugar ice cream?  Some of us have diabetes!"

You are exactly right, Brady.

So back we went with HALO TOP.


A pint of HALO TOP Birthday Cake ice cream was a revelation.

First, when you take the lid off, you'll see a smiley face indented in the top of the ice cream.


The first spoonful?


However, stop by the half-way mark.

Toss it out or toss it in the freezer.

But do not continue eating.

By the half-way mark, it tastes metallic and crummy.

Half of us tossed it in the freezer.

That group tried eating it later.

It was good for many spoonfuls but near the bottom you'll again be confronted with that metallic taste.

Eat with caution.

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