Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stop pimping the felon

Who the hell needs John Dean?

Some clearly think they do.

  1. John Dean, Who Worked for Nixon, Sizes Up Trump
  2. John Dean: The Gutless Press Is Still Giving Trump a Free Pass
  3. "They are in cover-up mode..showing how damn guilty they are" -John Dean WH Counsel for Nixon

John Dean isn't a whistle-blower.

He's a rat who made a deal for himself.

He's worse than a rat.

He was part of Nixon's abuses.

Did little bitches like Chris Hayes bother to ask John Dean about "Dealing With Our Political Enemies"?

That's the title of the memo John Dean wrote, outlining how to use the federal government to harass the opponents of Richard Nixon.

John Dean wrote that.

He did a lot of illegal things.

Maybe Chris Hayes can grow the hell up before he next decides to present felon John Dean as someone to listen to?

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