Monday, March 06, 2017

When is it a hate crime?

By Sunday, the nightly news was chattering away about a shooting -- of a Sikh in Washington state.  While this event demands coverage, it's curious how this hate crime talk then dropped back several weeks to cover the Kansas shooting of a Sikh.

Curious because last week was all about what hate crime?

Threats against Jews.  Bombings.

But interest there appeared to crater on Friday following the arrest of Juan Thompson.

Juan M. Thompson

When they couldn't blame an Anglo White or Donald Trump, the media appeared to lose interest.

Strange because they love naval gazing and Juan Thompson worked for both NPR and THE INTERCEPT.

HEAVY covered it here.

It really seems like that story became less important when an arrest made clear that you couldn't make the story about Donald Trump.

(Juan Thompson is part of the so-called 'resistance' to Donald Trump.)

So are his actions less criminal or less hateful since he dislikes Donald Trump?

Apparently, the corporate media thinks so.

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