Monday, January 23, 2017

Editorial: Marches?

How sweet?

Someone on Facebook asked how compared to large but ultimately ineffective protests against the Iraq War. My thoughts:

Compared to the large but ultimately ineffective protests against the Iraq War.

Everyone of us participated in thos 'ineffective protests.'

Not one of us was paid by George Soros.

Sadly, the 1% March on Washington and elsewhere can't make the same claim.

Nor can it really claim to have been about anything since the march had to be about nothing to attract the crowds.

It's Wisconsin all over again, as John Stauber might point out.

A bunch of do-nothings like Sarah pretending they did something.

It's amazing that filth like Sarah Kendzior remains online.

You would have thought human outrage over whoring would have sent her packing long ago.

She went to her meaningless march where 1% celebs like Ashley Judd read bad poetry (that actually trivialized sexual assault) and Madonna gave voice to violence while Crypt Keeper Gloria Steinem told the assembled that they were America not, you know, the rest of the country who chose not to participate in the march.

The 1% celebs marched for partisan reasons.

We marched against war.

And we remain against war, as we were then, as we were throughout the Obama administration.

Unlike fake ass Sarah, we believe in right and wrong.

Sarah just believes in whoring for the Democratic Party.

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