Monday, October 31, 2016

It's time to free a generation from indentured servitude to Wall Street

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

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    Support campaigns for local Greens. Discover who's running in your district:
  2. When a respected scientist revealed links between pesticides & pollinator die-offs, the USDA went after his career.
  3. We condemn the militarized repression of water protectors at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota.
  4. A new study shows fracking pollutes air and water in nearby communities with cancer-causing chemicals.
  5. Are US elections rigged? Here's what independent analysts of the 2000 & 2004 presidential elections have found:
  6. Ready to build a viable party that you can believe in? Pledge to :
  7. If you have trouble at the polls on Election Day (or beforehand), here's what you do:
  8. Students are the future of our country. Yet for 43 million current and former students their potential is shackled by crushing student debt.
  9. By showing your Stein/Baraka pride, you can encourage people to on November 8!

  10. I voted early yesterday! Learn how you can help build a party for the 99 percent with 5 percent of the vote:
  11. Indebted members of the class of 2016 average over $37,000 in student debt. That's $37K more than Trump pays in taxes.
  12. Debate Alert: has agreed to a forum on the . Submit questions: .
  13. Connecticut and Oregon, the Green Party just needs 1 percent of your vote to gain ballot access until 2020!
  14. If we get the word out to 43 million Americans they can vote Green to cancel their student debt, we can take over this election.
  15. Student debt has ballooned to $1.3 trillion because the Dems & GOP are more interested in getting money for war and Wall St. than education.
  16. Each taxpayer dollar invested in free higher education via the GI Bill was returned 7x over in more tax revenue + other public benefits.
  17. Student debt prevents young people from using their ingenuity & creativity to re-imagine our economy and society, as each generation should.
  18. We should provide free higher education as a secure start in life to today’s younger generation, like many other countries have done.
  19. Like a high school degree was in the last century, a college education has become essential for economic security.
  20. We must continue to stand with the marginalized and voiceless until justice prevails.
  21. It's time to free a generation from indentured servitude to Wall Street by canceling student debt & making public universities tuition-free.
  22. Meet more downballot candidates like Charlene DiCalogero, who's running for Massachusetts State Representative:
  23. "I made the only logical choice with my vote for Jill Stein." -
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