Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What Hillary owes women (Ava and C.I.)

That should have been the title of a piece in THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. Instead, they titled Emily Baelon's piece "What Women Owe Hillary Clinton."

That is how it works, public servants owe the people.

Not the other way around.

It's a mistake that THE NEW YORK TIMES forever makes.


Did Hillary invent a cure for cancer?

Did she colonize Mars?

Did she paint some work of art?

Did she even write a song we're all humming?

No and no and no and no.

And since we never hit her up for a loan, we don't owe her a damn thing.

She owes women a great deal.

So what did she do?

Oh, that's right, she picked a running mate who supports the Hyde Amendment.

And we thought Hillary's attacks on women in poverty ended in the 90s.

Hillary's attacks on women continue, by the way.

What's been the most harmful 'excuse' to women in the last 100 years?

"Boys will be boys."

It's been used to excuse away abuse.

It's been used to excuse away rape.

It's been used to excuse away everything including household messes left uncleaned.

But it's Hillary Clinton's motto.

"Boys will be boys."

Sure, stay with your cheating husband because "boys will be boys."

The women in Iraq are suffering so suggest a married man who cheated on his wife while in Iraq and left her to marry another woman, suggest this man become an ambassador to Iraq -- as Hillary did with Brett McGurk -- completely ignoring that Iraqi women visiting this ambassador would be suspect and face rumors and far worse.

"Boys will be boys" let's her pick a running mate who praises the Hyde Amendment -- after he's on her ticket.

And "boys will be boys" means she goes out of her way to make sure Bill Clinton, if she's elected, won't have to do the traditional First Spouse duties.

It's okay with Hillary for women to do these duties, but, you understand, a man to do what Hillary sexistly labels "women's work."

So instead of planning the formal dinners, etc, what will Bill do?

He'll be over the economy, that's what she's repeatedly stated and suggested.


The economy?

Why is that, Hillary?

Because of the sexist notion that "math is hard" for females?

She's running a backwards and sexist campaign and THE NEW YORK TIMES has the nerve to ask what women owe Hillary?

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