Sunday, August 14, 2016

'Poverty' stricken Hillary

  1. Tax return places in the top 0.02 percent of Americans

Hillary Clinton refuses to release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches but she did finally release her tax returns last week.

It made a mockery of Hillary's recent claim of poverty.

Patrick Martin (WSWS) explained:

From 2007 through 2015, the Clintons reported making a total of $149 million over nine years, out of which they paid taxes totaling $48 million, and gave $16 million to charity (most of it to their own charitable entity, the Clinton Family Foundation).
That means they enjoyed after-tax income of some $85 million, the bulk of which they would have put into investment accounts. A fortune of, say, $75 million would place the Clintons in the top 20,000 US families in terms of total assets.

The release comes after more e-mails emerged -- see "She'll sell anything" and "THIS JUST IN! EVERYTHING'S FOR SALE!" -- and detailed how Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to pump more dollars into The Clinton Foundation.

The money grubbing foundation has frequently been in the news, as Glenn Greenwald reminded via his Twitter account.

It's another scandal for supposedly ready for prime time Hillary and Dan Rea (Boston's WBZ) addressed it on Friday's show.  HUE WIRE noted the talking points the Clinton campaign sent out to surrogates last week.

Stephen Lendmam (THE PEOPLE'S VOICE) observes:

While showing $10.6 million in joint income, down from $28 million in 2014, concealed was their real source of super-wealth - the Clinton Foundation, a tax-free international money-laundering scam masquerading as a charitable NGO.
Since its 2001 founding, it’s taken in around $2 billion from wealthy donors and foreign nations in return for favors dispensed worth much more to contributors.

Only 10% of funds received go for charitable purposes, the rest for other purposes including self-enrichment - what’s most important about their net worth left unexplained on their tax returns.

Where does the money go?

How does the foundation keep it's tax free status when only 10% of the 'donations' go to charity?

And those 'donations'?

Bill and Hillary donated to their own charity.  The tax returns showed that.  Larry Johnson (NO QUATER) reports:

99% of the Charitable contributions went to themselves.
Generous? Only to themselves. What a greedy, money grubbing despicable soul she is!!

Where is the media in reporting on this ultimate conflict of interest? Instead of actually feeding the hungry, healing the seek or clothing the poor, Hillary is gaming the tax man to give money to herself and take a big fat deduction in the process. Talk about a self-licking ice cream cone.

Hillary's as corrupt as they come.

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