Sunday, August 07, 2016

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Our first edition without Jess.

And what did we come up with?

A columnist worth noting.
Jill Stein gets a truest.
Iraq ignored repeatedly, ignored constantly.

Ava and C.I. weren't planning on going to Houston.  It was a last minute decision and they didn't even share it ahead of time.  But we're glad they went.  This is a really strong piece.
Transphobic Dan Savage is on the attack yet again.
It's time to go.
C.I. took down most of this speech while she and Ava were at the convention -- and she put it in the Saturday Iraq snapshot.

No, they don't.
We're not voting for him but you may be.
Jill Stein is now the presidential nominee of the Green Party.
And Tweets.

On Tweets, more time and we would have included this as the Tweet of the Week:

. Ambassador w/ Myrna, 10, at an abandoned mall where she used to live in Erbil,


-- Jim, Dona, Ty,  Ava and C.I

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