Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jim's World



The weekend saw an act of terrorism at a nightclub in Orlando.

The LGBT community and their friends were targeted.

The shooter called 911 and announced/dedicated the act to the Islamic State.

Omar Matten's act of terrorism resulted in the worst mass shooting in US history -- 49 shot dead and over fifty left injured.

And the FBI interviewed him.


We live in a surveillance state.

It kicked into high gear under Bully Boy Bush and continues -- with more spying -- by Barack Obama.

And the FBI interviewed Matten twice.

For links to terrorism.

But did nothing.

And more than that, CNN reports, "FBI Director James Comey said Mateen was the subject of a failed FBI sting operation."

Where's the Congressional investigation?

Hillary Clinton, predictably, started yammering away about gun control.

What good is gun control when the feds can't do their job?

And were they too inept to do their job or were they ordered off for some unknown reason?

Again, where's the Congressional investigation?

It's amazing that Hillary can call for gun control during this tragedy but not for government accountability.

Amazing until you grasp that Hillary Clinton doesn't do accountability.

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