Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's 2016 presidential nomination:

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    We're rising in the polls! I need your help to ensure MSM doesn't shut us out. Sign today: 📈
  2. "Unifying the party" really means suppressing . The only hope of survival is to reject the Democratic Party.
  3. Today folks in the movement are encouraging all to switch their registration from Democrat to Green Party. See:
  4. Live near Indianapolis? Come to the Circle City Greens meeting: , , &
  5. Reps & Dems collude to keep out competition. Help us by making calls to PA where we're gathering 22k signatures:
  6. We don't have because only 9% of health care CEOs support it compared w/ 58% of the public. We need to put people over profit.
  7. Minnesota for Jill Stein will hold their second ballot access meeting this Tues at 6:30p in St. Paul:
  8. We can't have peace when corporate politicians put profits of fossil fuel & weapons industries first. Stop the invasions, coups, & drones.✌🏼
  9. It's possible to cancel student debt for the 43 million Americans who have furthered their education only to be stuck in a predatory system.
  10. Juan Chávez, killed in one week ago today, was undocumented. Can you help his family pay the burial cost?
  11. .'s record: ✅Iraq War ✅NAFTA/TPP ✅Fracking ✅Welfare Reform ✅Mass Incarceration ✅Anti-Gay Marriage Doesn't match her rhetoric.
  12. Jill Stein insists it’s her year to get noticed—and she may make it onto 47 state ballots
  13. Every contribution you make is currently doubled through federal election matching funds:
  14. There is no shortcut through the Democratic Party to building a mass party of the left. -
  15. 📞 Already on the ballot in your state? Help by calling states like PA, MO, GA where petitioners are hard at work:
  16. I was in Philly today talking to voters & petitioning to get on the ballot. Join us in PA:
  17. Yes, I'm saying it again: Revolution cannot happen inside of a counter-revolutionary party. A party can't be both revolutionary & corporate.
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