Monday, May 09, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

  1. Strong positions on peace, climate change, & single-payer healthcare are needed to stem the loss of life in our most vulnerable communities.
  2. Exposing war-profiteering & civil liberties-violating government actions is an act of courage.
  3. We need to take corporate money out of politics--and also end corporate personhood and pay-to-play government contracts.
  4. We need a foreign policy based on international law & human rights, which means we need to stop sending millions each day to Israel.
  5. We need a nationwide ban on fracking immediately. We're entering the 6th great extinction. This is an issue of our & our children's survival
  6. You cannot stop ISIS by doing more of what created ISIS. End wars for oil; demand Saudis stop sponsoring terrorism; convert to clean energy
  7. A Green New Deal would take emergency measures to convert our economy to 100% clean energy by 2030 while providing jobs for all willing.
  8. Younger generations are drowning in student debt. Congress bailed out the banks, now let's bail out our future.
  9. If we trash our planet by knowingly continuing to use fossil fuels, we are committing a grave injustice against future generations.
  10. Despite living in the wealthiest nation, Americans lead shorter lives in poorer health than residents of virtually all developed countries.
  11. Honor all the mothers in your life today. Then let that gratitude connect you to the origins of this holiday: mothers fighting against war.
  12. : Time To Reject The ‘Lesser-Evil’ & Stand Up For The Greater Good
  13. It's not about electing a woman to the WH for the first time but electing the woman who will lead to put people, planet & peace over profit.
  14. Clinton and Trump are both playing the “Woman Card” but the women and children living in poverty lose either way.
  15. Hillary is bankrolled by Wall St. money from countries who trample on women’s rights, meaning donations can take precedence over principles.
  16. Clinton may be ticking off a list of female-friendly promises but we need to follow the money & how that influences what she takes action on
  17. Hillary & Trump's positions on war, climate & health care will contribute to loss of life in our most vulnerable communities.
  18. Neither Clinton nor Trump are talking about a national initiative to eliminate poverty and hunger in the richest country in the world.
  19. What do my two major political rivals for Presidency offer this to +18M women living in poverty today? Certainly not ending it.
  20. The best welfare reform program would be full employment, with a strong safety net with dignity for those unable to work.
  21. What Hillary stands on is the Clinton legacy of demonizing poor women by repealing the main New Deal program for poor children.
  22. Trump's tirades have prompted Hillary to literally cash in on a “Woman Card”, a gimmick to pad her already overstuffed war chest last month.
  23. As a mother and a physician, I am outraged that this presidential election has been reduced to a battle of the sexes.
  24. Trump's demeaning comments about female opponents, members of the press & women broadly by his sexist rantings are unacceptable.
  25. Fight back against corporate-funded campaigns - donate today & your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar:
  26. Let's remember the origins of : Women organized for peace, spoke out against war and grieved for every son that had been killed.
  27. Being a mother means solving international disputes through negotiations and a commitment to international law and human rights.
  28. A mother is also a healer. That starts with joining the rest of the industrial world and providing health care to everyone.
  29. We need to make child care a universal right, end child hunger and poverty, and increase federal support for our school systems.
  30. I agree w/ Hillary, it's time to elect a woman for President. But I want that President to reflect the values of being a mother.
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