Sunday, April 03, 2016

Tools & Fools

So many would rather flaunt their ignorance than try learning.

For example, it is not an either/or world.

Candidates earn your votes or they don't.

You do not owe anyone your vote.

And you certainly are not responsible for the actions of a weak candidate.

That reality escaped many who rushed to attack activist and actress Susan Sarandon last week.

Like these two:

  • Sarandon gave us Bush through Nader supported Edwards who voted for Iraq but has an issue with Hillary. Disingenuous

  • So Susan Sarandon blames Hillary Clinton for the Iraq war? Well I blame it on Susan Sarandon who did her part to give us Bush

  • Susan Sarandon's support of Ralph Nader did not give the country Bully Boy Bush.

    You can argue Joe Lieberman's "count every vote" error on MEET THE PRESS hurt the Gore ticket.

    You can argue that Al Gore's refusal to get in front of the issue on the recounts hurt him.

    You can argue Gore and Donna Brazil sending Jesse Jackson home when he wanted to rally Florida's disenfranchised voters hurt Gore-Lieberman ticket.

    You can argue centrist Al picking right-leaning Joe Lieberman as a running mate hurt the Gore ticket.

    You can make many arguments.

    But in a democracy, we need as many choices as possible.

    So Ralph Nader -- or any other candidate who is not a Republican or a Democrat -- running for president hurts no one.

    It enriches the fabric of our democracy.

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