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Lie Face Melissa Harris Whatever has been fired (Ava and C.I.)

Repost from THE COMMON ILLS of a piece Ava and C.I. wrote last week.

"Lie Face Melissa Harris Whatever has been fired (Ava and C.I.)"

Contrary to the opinions expressed in some e-mails, we did not get Lie Face fired.

Yes, we warned Phil and others about her -- strongly -- and repeatedly.

But Lie Face got herself fired.

A performer who delivers ratings can get away with a lot -- see Tim Allen at the height of HOME IMPROVEMENT, for example.

But a performer whose show competes with three other cable networks and yet regularly comes in fourth?

That's someone who should consider themselves lucky to have a job.

When Melissa Harris Lacewell Lie Face Perry elected to pull her little stunt, she sealed her own fate.

A) It's called "job abandonment."

First and foremost, if you're supposed to be on live TV, you report to work.

You do not decide you're not going to and announce it in a rude and accusatory missive you post online.

B) You can't walk out on your contract because you don't want to cover breaking political news if you work for an entertainment channel that bills itself as a news channel.

In her heavy-drama-mama posting on Friday, Lie Face was talking her "brand" and blah, blah, blah.

If she had a brand, it had cratered long ago -- as evidenced by the hideous ratings -- ratings almost as hideous as that dollar store weave she insisted on wearing (yeah, we went there).

She had no brand.

She had no audience.

And she was whining because she was expected to cover what the network wanted covered -- the political campaigns -- and not spend her time on topics that she felt were news -- like her infamous STAR WARS is racist rant (because Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones but when the mask came off, he was White -- yeah, we all saw it in the 90s in CHASING AMY, but there it was done for comedy, on Melissa's show, it was presented as fact).

She tried to play the race card because . . .  Well, because it was Lie Face.

The woman who lived the photo negative version of IMITATION OF LIFE.

Going around the country in 2007 and 2008, telling the country what Black was and insisting she was Black and, at one point, "sitting here in all my Blackness."

As the sole judge of what was and was not Black, Lie Face forgot to disclose she had a White mommy.

Or maybe a White "mammy"?

Is that how she plans to word it in her next online posting?

Since she was arguing with African-Americans -- usually about Barack and his being biracial -- she kind of owed it to the dialogue to disclose that.

(We are happy to have 'helped -- forced? -- her to finally disclose the truth.)

As it's being explained, four weeks ago, she was asked to focus on the primary races.

Instead, she decided the thing to do was to discuss Beyonce's music video "Formation."

Because she is that stupid.

She honestly thought she was on E! and not a network that insisted it was a news network.

She was always that stupid and that's why, in her melodrama mama posting on Friday, she referred to her doctorate in political science but did not note the 'books' she has written.

Heavy on pop culture, light on politics.

Melissa doesn't do politics.

Or, let's be honest, ethics.

This is the woman who went on DEMOCRACY NOW! in January 2008 posing as a Princeton professor (we did get her kicked out there) who was there with students and just happened to notice the turnout for Barack.  (January 7th appearance we noted here, the whole lies the week later we noted in "TV: Democracy Sometimes?")

She'd play the same game in February of 2008 on THE CHARLIE ROSE SHOW and go so far as to attack the wife of a Congressman as biased. (See "TV: Goodman and Rose 'honoring' bad TV past.")

The laugh there was that Lie Face started campaigning for Barack in 2007.

A fact she failed to disclose in either of the appearances we've noted above.

Ethics matter if you're a professor.

And they mattered to Princeton as did our documented insults that she'd repeatedly made of Princeton students.

So, yes, we did get her kicked out there.

She bounced back with a lower position at a lower university and yet another marriage -- this one that's led to problems with the IRS.

Not surprising, considering her ethical problems previously.

Lest you think only we've taken on Lie Face, Glen Ford (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) did as well:

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the saddest examples of how the advent of a Black president has distorted the thinking of some of the most promising African American minds. She is a political scientist who has abandoned all the science of politics in order to build a higher Black Wall around Barack Obama, a war criminal with six simultaneous aggressions now running at full tilt, and the prime facilitator of the most massive transfer of wealth in human history. Writing from her roost at The Nation magazine, Prof. Harris-Perry flails about in search of a progressive position from which to defend the First Black President. There being none, she has to settle for saying that Obama is as competent as any white president – Damn it! – and it is white “liberals” that are bringing Obama down by “holding him to a to a higher standard” than his white predecessors – specifically, Bill Clinton.

As usual, David Brock's idiotic MEDIA MATTERS rushed to Lie Face's defense.

They ignore her ethical problems, they ignore her chronically low ratings and they ignore her failure to be anywhere on any political issue -- anywhere that mattered.

She pretended to care about the Iraq War in 2007 and 2008 while going around the country promoting Barack.  But with her own show?  She could care less.

She did make time, remember, to attack NSA whistle-blower Ed Snowden.

To mock him.

Well who's mocking who?  Take another look, Lie Face, and tell us, who's mocking who?

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