Monday, February 22, 2016

Editorial: That disgraceful NATION magazine

THE NATION magazine once promised -- in an editorial that began on the front page of the magazine -- that they would not support any candidate who had voted for the Iraq War.

That was then.

A Republican was in the White House.

A Republican could be blamed for the Iraq War.

The myth, back then, was that only Republicans were neocons.

What is Hillary Clinton but a neocon?

She has neocons advising her and did when she was Secretary of State.

The truth was always more complicated than THE NATION wanted to portray it.

They regularly ditched articles that got too close to the truth.

For example, Naomi Klein could go after James Baker for profiting from the Iraq War but they had her downplay Madeline Albright doing the same.

Baker was a Republican.

Albright a Democrat.

And there's the way the magazine covered for Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

As we noted in a November 25, 2007 article:

On February 25th, Katrina vanden Heuvel -- editor, publisher and destroyer of The Nation magazine -- offered up "Suppressing News: Deja Vu" to celebrate how brave the magazine was during the early 60s. It's easy to wax poetic of the past. Under her reign?
Project Censored 2008 is out and features their "Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008" -- the top censored stories is an annual feature. Story number 23 is Peter Byrne's expose on US Senator Dianne Feinstein who has "voted for appropriations woth billions of dollars to her husband's firms." We've noted that here before, we've noted that The Nation magazine funded the investigation and we've noted that they refused to pay for it. What's new is Peter Byrne's update where he notes that Joe Conason ("from The Nation Institute") wanted The Nation's name removed from the funding credit "because, he said, Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation's editor and publisher, did not want the magazine or its non-profit institute to be postively associated with [Rush] Limbaugh. . . . The back story to that encounter is that, in October, vanden Heuvel had abruptly killed the Feinstein story, which had been scheduled to run as a cover feature before the November 2006 election in which Feinstein was up for reelection."

Katrina vanden Heuvel has destroyed the magazine.

If you doubted it, proof came last week.

From the February 20th "Iraq snapshot:"

In other destruction, this crap:

But the fact remains that whoever’s elected this year is nearly guaranteed to inherit the war on ISIS that President Obama launched back in 2014. He or she will be the fifth consecutive US president to preside over some variety of military intervention in Iraq—a dour chapter that’s already continued for at least 25 years, dating back to the Gulf War. (And that’s not even counting the US role in the bloody Iran-Iraq war before that.)
The good news is that Sanders sent some promising signals about his judgment on the last US invasion before it was even launched—in fact, probably even more so than he’s usually credited for. But the bad news is that his statements on the latest iteration of the conflict have been all over the map. In his bumbling calls for a “Muslim coalition” to stop ISIS, he’s shown none of the acumen that so distinguished him over 13 years ago.
Without a plan to resolve the ISIS war responsibly, the US war in Iraq could reverberate through yet another generation. If Sanders is elected, that’ll be a grim asterisk to his “political revolution” indeed.  

If that garbage appeared at a military think tank, no one would be surprised.

Instead, it's from jizz in his pants Petey Certo and it's published by THE NATION.

That's what happens when Democrats are in charge of the White House (war), THE NATION goes all wobbly and loses any strong voice at all.

The 'responsibly' is a lie.

It's the lie that continues war every damn time, even when everyone knows it's time to end it, the 'responsibly' qualifier keeps it going.

If you're my husband and you're beating the crap out of me?

I'm going to end that marriage.


No, immediately.

By the same token, there is no 'win' here.

There is nothing but more destruction.

But THE NATION is a cathouse, a bordello of whores and FPIF is a joke.

Does Phyllis Bennis really find pride being associated with what is now a war mongering outlet that let's just sprouted pubes boys pretend that they have any perspective to offer?

Petey's a little idiot who pulls his pud to Barack Obama and thinks that makes him special or smart.

He's just one more whorish idiot arguing for the continuation of war.

We all suffer when liars claim a crime can be ended "responsibly."

We all suffer as the crime continues while these liars look for their way out -- their 'responsible' way out.

We all suffer.


And we all suffer when the best THE NATION magazine can call for is more years of war.

Make no mistake, their bulls**t call for a "responsible" end to this ongoing crime is a call for extended war.

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