Sunday, January 10, 2016

No Butterball turkeys were available (apparently)

Why else would War Monger Hillary Clinton be dispatching Lena Dunham to Iowa?



The tubby New Yorker is 'known' for GIRLS -- HBO's chronically low rated series (the 2015 season finale was watched by .67 million viewers -- you read that right, not even a million people tuned in for the train wreck).

Her heavily publicized 'book' underwhelmed as well -- reportedly it sold only 60,000 copies.  When you get a $3.7 million advance on a book, it really needs to sell.

But people won't watch her on TV and they won't fork over money to buy her book.

So who but hopelessly out of touch Cranky Clinton would see Lena Dunham as an asset?

Lena's bringing the ugly to Iowa.

As only she can.

Someone might want to ask her where she stands on the ongoing Iraq War.

Or did Judd Apatow not program her to answer that question?

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