Sunday, January 17, 2016

Live Cartooning The Democratic Debate

Tonight, NBC aired the Democratic Party's presidential debate with contenders Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders and with NBC News' Lester Holt and Andrea Mitchell moderating.

As with the last debate, Isaiah again live cartooned the debate.

He started with "Accountability."


This one noted Bernie's stance that every must be accountable -- and juxtaposed this with Hillary no accountability Clinton standing next to him on stage.

Isaiah then followed with "Boy Scout."


This one captured Martin O'Malley's repeated effort to play the good guy.

Martin, when you're in third place, you really need to come out swinging.

And, yes, he did say "answered" when he meant "asked."  In fact, he struggled with words (including Andrea Mitchell's first name) throughout the debate.

Then came "We Survived."


A comic that captures how Lester Holt panicked whenever Bernie talked about putting bankers in jail and how Andrea Mitchell, rich beyond any one's definition of rich, doesn't really care how Americans struggle with the cost of healthcare.

A point that Bernie needs to learn to make since, at the debate and in an interview, Andrea dismisses this issue repeatedly.

Finally, there was "The Closing Argument."


This comic captures how Hillary repeatedly evoked her experience while failing to note the failures.  She took on the healthcare industry, she insisted, but forgot to share how she failed at health care reform when she was First Lady and Bill put her in charge of that program.

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