Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Editorial: They'll take your money, they just won't work

Fortune Cookie

You don't need a fortune cookie to tell you Independent or 'Independent' media is failing on Iraq.

In their rush to make every day about slavish devotion to Barack Obama, so-called left outlets have tossed Iraq aside.

Ignoring the ongoing war has had a clear effect:  Those opposed to the war are dwindling in number.

There is now support for ground troops in Iraq -- US troops -- in combat.


Because the voices against it are not being heard.

In an effort to further whore for Barack, THE NATION, DEMOCRACY NOW!, THE PROGRESSIVE and a multitude of others -- even supposed peace activists like CODESTINK -- are staying quiet.

They're silent to protect Barack.

Apparently, he's far more important than the people of Iraq.

Or the principles of peace.

Or standing against perpetual war.

Independent media has made their choice.

You should remember that when they're begging you for more of your hard earned cash so that they can continue to do nothing but whore for the powerful while refusing to stand against endless war.

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