Monday, November 02, 2015

From The TESR Test Kitchen

I love slurpees, you love slurpees, she loves slurpees, he loves slurpees, we all she-bop.

But sometimes you might want a slurpee at home, waiting in the freezer, not needing you to go out and fetch one.

With that in mind, we came across The Slushee Maker from Cool Gear and Slushy Maker from Chill Factor.

One works, the other just steals your money.


Slushy Maker (from Chill Factor) lies that you can pour liquid into the cup (after the cup has been in the freezer) and squeeze the sides and it will make a slurpee.

What it will make is a huge mess.

You never get any part of a slurpee but you do get the liquid popping out of the cup each time you squeeze.

By contrast, there's Slushee Maker (from Cool Gear) which actually does work.

You fill it with liquid and put it in the freezer.

And, low and behold, it actually works.

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