Sunday, November 15, 2015

Diana Ross Sings The Songs Of Michael Jackson

Diana Ross fans are gearing up for a new Motown release -- DIANA ROSS SINGS SONGS FROM THE WIZ due out November 27th.

And while those 1979 recordings will be a treat, everyone seems to be missing the obvious Diana album: DIANA ROSS SINGS THE SONGS OF MICHAEL JACKSON.


Diana's one of the few artists to have sung a duet with Michael ("Ease On Down The Road"), been produced by Michael and had songs written for her by Michael ("Muscles" and "Eaten Alive").

An album like this would not only be a fitting tribute from Diana to her friend who has passed away, it would also remind the world of Michael's songwriting gifts.

Our suggested track list?

1) "He's Out Of My Life"

2) "Remember The Time"

3) "The Way You Make Me Feel"

4) "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

5) "Wanna Be Starting Something"

6) "Leave Me Alone"

7) "They Don't Really Care About Us"

8)  "Keep The Faith"

9) "Love Never Felt So Good"

10) "Will You Be There"

11) "Heal The World"
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