Monday, September 21, 2015

Editorial: The Fake Ass

United for Peace & Justice.

Remember those losers?

They declared victory in November 2008 and folded tent.

Leslie Cagen and her lover gave up on Iraq to spend their days removing her chin hairs.

And if they'd stayed gone, that would have been just fine.

They were liars and whores who used the Iraq War to try to elect Democrats and who refused to call for national protests after Democrats took back the House and Senate and had done nothing to end the war in Iraq.

So if the losers had stayed gone, well good and great.

But then they wanted to gear up for the 2016 elections so they tried to slink back in pretending, as usual, that they care about Iraq.

But as usual, they couldn't focus on Iraq.

They're concerned, you understand, with racism.

The all White group is concerned with racism.



What does the above tell you?

Besides that UPFJ remains the place where the women are hardy and the boys are fetching?

Presenting a trio of faces, UPFJ, supposedly supporting diversity, delivers three White faces.

They believe #BLACKLIVESMATTER as long as it's not that Black lives matter in UPFJ or any group they control.

Their fake asses.

And they wasted forever on the Iran deal while doing nothing on the Iraq real.

September's coming to a close and they haven't even had an internet bulletin on Iraq since June.

The fake asses will always be with us.

That doesn't mean we have to let them fool us.

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