Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why does Amazon hate Michelle Pfeiffer

Amazon's labor practices sometimes get attention.

But it seems like we're the only ones monitoring Amazon's sexism.

This go round, we're focusing on three time Academy Award nominee Michelle Pfeiffer.

Michelle's starred in many films . . . unless you go by Amazon instant video.

We'll offer four examples.


Three people featured promoting The Age of Innocence.  Not one of them is Joanne Woodard (Joanne does narration in the film -- after Jane Fonda turned down the task).  Michelle Pfeiffer was the female lead.

But she's not noted, is she?


She is the star of Married To The Mob.

Alec Baldwin?

He plays her husband and is killed in the first 15 minutes.

Michelle is the star of the film -- unless you're Amazon.


Wolf finds her re-teaming with Jack Nicholson (they worked together on The Witches of Eastwick).  They're co-stars.

But Michelle doesn't get billing from Amazon.

They do note Elaine May.

Elaine May's role in the film?

Her voice is heard delivering a wake up call to Jack Nicholson's character.

Again, why does Amazon hate Michelle Pfeiffer.


And then there's Batman Returns.

Danny DeVito?

Fine character actor.  Not at his best in this film.

There were no calls for Tim Burton to make a film about the Penguin.

But Michelle's performance as Catwoman was a revelation and there were multiple attempts at coming up with a premise for Burton and Pfeiffer to reteam for a Catwoman film.

We can do this with multiple actresses (and with more Michelle Pfeiffer films).

Why does Amazon continue to degrade women and to dilute their credits?

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