Monday, August 31, 2015

From The TESR Test Kitcehn


Cherry Limeade?

Hell, what's not to like?


But this wasn't ready made.


Sunkist Liquid Drink Mix, Cherry Limeade flavor, promises it's made with "REAL cane sugar."

And maybe it is.

But it also promises it will taste good and, no, it doesn't.

To be clear, it not only tells you how many squirts for an individual glass, it also tells you how many for a 2 quart pitcher.

We started with the 8 ounce glass.

Jim, big fan, put in the two squirts.

To a glass of water.

And stirred.

And it didn't taste right.

So maybe he put two squirts but the squirts weren't long enough.

He did eight more squirts and was left with water with a little taste to it.

Instead of doing the 2 quart pitcher, we grabbed a 1 quart pitcher.

Instead of counting out squirts, we used the measuring indicators on the right side of the bottle.

We used the 2 quart measuring for a 1 quart pitcher of water.

The taste should have been strong and overwhelming.

Instead it was tepid and underwhelming.

This was not Cherry Limeade.

It was water with a hint of Cherry Limeade.

This is one of the worst products.

The taste is vapid.

Next time, we'll stick to good old Kool-Aid which never lets you down.

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