Sunday, June 07, 2015

Editorial: What (still) matters in Iraq

They can't reclaim Mosul.

And they can't reclaim Ramadi.

But Iraqi forces did apparently reclaim Baiji. Or at least say they did.


Baiji came under attack a few weeks ago -- while prime minister Haider al-Abadi was in the US -- at the same time as Ramadi.

The immediate response was to bomb Baiji (and ignore Ramadi).

Baiji was more important than Ramadi for some reason.

And now it's more important than Mosul as well, judging by the effort to reclaim it.

Why is that?

What's so different about Baiji?

What CNN 'forgets' to inform you, AP tells you right in the  headline to Sinar Salaheddin's article: "Iraq: Troops Advance Against IS in Key Refinery Town."


Yes, this wasn't about the town or the people.

It was about a refinery.

As usual, the Iraq War remains about oil.


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