Sunday, May 03, 2015

The State Department uses the press again

Last week, the US State Department ridiculously launched their so-called "Free The Press" campaign.  It's where they attack rival countries who are enemies by pretending to care about the press and how it fares in those countries.

If you're not getting what a con the whole thing is, Thaer Ali.



Methaq Al -fayydh

Methaq Al -fayydh@AlFayth
Daesh executed journalist Thaer Ali in Mosul
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Thaer was executed by the Islamic State last week in Mosul.

Thaer was a journalist.

If the State Department truly gave a damn about the press around the world, they would have found time in the daily briefings (Monday through Friday) to have noted his death.

But they never did.

They're making nice with Iraq, holding hands with Haider, they don't want to embarrass him.

The campaign's not about the press, it's about using the press to attack enemy countries.

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