Sunday, May 31, 2015

Susan Rice lied or Hillary Clinton hid -- figure it out

Poor Bob Somerby -- old, ugly and oh-so stupid.

He's spent three years defending liar and War Hawk Susan Rice.

Alice in Barackland
[Isaiah captures Susan Rice in one of her calmer moments in The World Today Just Nuts "Alice in Barackland."]

Rice supported the Iraq War, took to NPR to declare 'case closed' when Colin Powell made his ridiculous blot on the floor of the United Nations and yet Bob Somerby defends her.

He's been silent for a bit though.

No talky-talky about Susie Rice.

Despite the fact that Rice lied about Benghazi and Benghazi had stomped back into the news.

Sidney Blumenthal, it turns out, sent an assessment to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on 9/13/12 -- two days after the attacks and well before Susan Rice went on all four broadcast networks Sunday Chat & Chews to lie about the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi which left over four Americans dead.

The known dead are Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Chris Stevens but as Hillary Clinton has revealed more died in the days after the attack.

So, to be clear for the idiotic Bob Somerby, he's going to have to choose -- as will America.

Susan Rice lied.

Or you can go with Hillary Clinton having information that she refused to share.

That would be a real dereliction of duty, not just insubordination.

And it certainly wouldn't argue that Hillary was fit for the Oval Office.

So Bob and company, figure out which it is: Susan lied or Hillary hid information from the White House.

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