Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jack Johnson's En Concert

As our playlists have often registered, we like Jack Johnson.  In fact, Elaine and Jess are huge fans.

Yet somehow, we all missed his 2009 live release until last week, Jack Johnson's En Concert.


In 2008, Jack released his critical and commercial hit Sleep Through The Static.  En Concert is a compilation of 20 tracks from the world tour supporting that album.

Twenty tracks which include 6 tracks that are two-song medleys.

The CD comes with a 20-page booklet of tour photos and details.  There's also a DVD and CD combo, but we went with the CD.

Elaine was the first to find it last week and got a new copy at an independent music store for $9.99.  That was a good price and as we bought up our copies across the nation, we saw reasonable prices but Dallas managed to find copies for $6.99.

And we thought that was the best price until Jess went with streaming.

You can buy an MP3 version at Amazon for $5.99.

The album finds Jack at the beginning of his current phase which can best be described as musical painting where bright notes are splashed throughout to create an oral sunset full of radiance.

Though radiant and vibrant, these aren't necessarily happy paintings as the beauty is often pictured in contrast to loss.

As the album proves with favorites like "Gone," "Banana Pancakes," "Better Together," etc., Jack's always been able to write a song that sticks with you.

But it's the new material -- like "All At Once," for example -- that kicks off the new period of his career and makes you wonder where he'll go with this?

Possibly, he'll play with it a bit the way Sting has, enlivening his approach and updating his sound?  Or maybe he'll be as fearless as Joni Mitchell and follow this muse where ever it leads?

Regardless, En Concert captures the artist at a particularly meaningful and rich moment and is a must have for any music collection.

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