Monday, May 25, 2015

Editorial: One person doesn't need to be asked what she'd do

hair crimes

For weeks, the press has obsessed over what this GOP candidate or that GOP candidate would have done in 2002 when Congress voted to go to war with Iraq.

Since these candidates were not in Congress, any thing they might say is pure fancy, speculation.

But one person campaigning to be President of the United States was in Congress and did vote in 2002 and her name is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary voted for war.

There is no speculation, there is no what if.

She lies that she wouldn't do so today.

Grasp that she's a cheap politician.

She learned nothing from her vote.

She merely fed her blood lust.

Which explains her actions regarding Libya.

Hillary is the War Hawk.

That's all she is.

A blood thirsty, vengeful War Hawk.

Where's CodeStink?

They used to call out Hillary.

Now that posse of bitches are kept on a tight leash.

That's what happens when you go from independent to DC-based.


Illustration is Isaiah's  The World Today Just Nuts "Hair Crimes,"

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