Monday, April 13, 2015

Editorial: Oh, now you're outraged

Our readers are great.  They care about issues, they care about Iraq.

So the segment we're about to call out, it's not you.

It's the people who do nothing or, worse, the ones who lie and whore.

As Iraq fell apart, we covered it in real time, we screamed our heads off here trying to get an apathetic press to pay attention.

They and so many 'activists' in the US all  had 'better' things to do as Iraq descended, day after day, into the all the crises that, only in June when Barack spoke, the world suddenly wanted to register.

And then they wanted to lie.

They wanted to say, "Oh, this is because of the 2003 invasion.  This is all Bully Boy Bush's fault."

If we could bring back one Iraq for every American liar or whore, we'd probably be able to bring back at least a million of the Iraqis who've died in the illegal war.

We are the reality that the Cult of St. Barack wants to deny.  Every day damn day, we charted how Iraq was dragged further into the abyss by Nouri al-Maliki's crimes against humanity.

This community paid attention.


They WalkedOn, to other topics, for the most part.

For the most part?

At Antiwar Radio, you could find Scott Horton and Jason Ditz discussing Iraq -- and how great Nouri al-Maliki was.

This was long after he'd terrorized Iraq's LGBT community and urged students to hunt them down -- suspected lesbians and gays -- and kill them, long after he'd sent his Ministry of the Interior employees into the schools to tell the students that these 'evil forces' would actually try to suck their blood from them so these 'evil forces' had to be put down.

Scott Horton and Jason Ditz -- too enthralled with indulging their own political sexuality -- rooted deeply in masochistic desires over some foreign leader allegedly standing up to the United States government -- never could call out what Nouri was doing -- or even acknowledge it.

So those little bitches deserve a lot of the blame as well.  They stroked and blew their wads while Iraq suffered under Nouri al-Maliki.  But hey, like a squirrel, they got their nut, right?  And that's what they think is really important.

These days, some are suddenly returning to following news out of Iraq.

And they get alarmed.

The Islamic State just killed a woman because she was a witch! This is outrageous! 

We're glad you're repulsed.

We wish you could have been repulsed when all the other women over the last six years were killed in Iraq because they were accused of being a witch or the men who were accused of being sorcerers.

A 9-year-old girl is pregnant by the Islamic State! 

Again, where were you when Nouri's thugs attempted to introduce a law allowing men to marry 9-year-old girls (actually 8-year-old girls as a few keen observers caught)?

Nothing that the Islamic State is doing, including the attacks on religious minorities, is new to Iraq.  These actions all took place under Nouri, under his supervision and his orders.

And you didn't care then.

These crimes against humanity that shock you when carried about by a group of Sunni criminals didn't bother you at all when they were carried out by the Iraqi government.

You are the problem.

If you had paid attention, if you'd spoken out, the White House would have been forced to take a stand against their puppet Nouri al-Maliki.

Instead, they made nice with him.  

And, yes, that's on you because these 'outrages' that so offend you today didn't bother you one damn bit when the were being carried out by the Iraqi government.

Yes, as Iraq was descending into its current state, the Iraqi people even publicly begged for support and the world turned its collective eye.


 From Samarra من سامراء

Iraqis in Samarra with a message for the world (photo via Iraqi Spring MC) March 15, 2013.

 Their pleas were ignored.

The Iraqi government targeted them.

Hunted them.

Killed them.

Yet now when a small group (the Islamic State) carries out crimes on a much smaller scale, when the media sells these crimes with no perspective (because the media sells conflict and war), the lazy want to express outrage?

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