Sunday, December 14, 2014

How Stupid is Perez Hilton?

In a ridiculous post, Perez offered:

no title
This is truly a matter of national security.
The most reputable news source in the land, The National Enquirer, has made a lot of crazy assertions in the past.
However, one such claim that they DIDN'T make was asserting that our President Barack Obama had sex with Harry Styles (despite our deepest wishes that this tryst DID happen).
The now viral front page that claims our commander in chief banged this One Direction heartthrob is (regrettably) a hoax.

He prattles on.

If there's ever a film made of Perez's life, let's hope it's animated so Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons can play him.

We noted the undoctored tabloid cover November 16th and were smart enough to get the title correct  -- National Examiner.

Perez can't even get the publication correct.

He mocks it but grasp that he doesn't even get that right.

Poor Perez.

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