Sunday, December 21, 2014

Editorial: US troops fighting in Iraq

Before leaving for his latest vacation, US President Barack Obama should have appeared for the nation to explain that, despite his public promises, US troops have been engaged in on the ground combat in Iraq.

A few overseas outlets and some smaller US ones reported last week about a fierce battle that US troops participated in.  For example, Wednesday, The Inquisitor reported:

American troops in Iraq had their first actual battle with ISIS troops after the Islamist militants tried to overrun a base, an encounter that left the ISIS troops decimated and in retreat.
The attack took place near the Ein al-Asad base, which includes close to 100 U.S. military advisers. The U.S. troops, armed with “light and medium weapons,” and were able to inflict casualties against the ISIS fighters, forcing them to retreat, Shafaq News reported. The American troops were also aided by fighter jets, which directed air strikes against the ISIS troops that “silenced their heavy sources of fire.”
“US forces intervened because of ISIS started to come near the base, which they are stationed in so out of self-defense,” said Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, a prominent tribal leader.

That was last week and Barack never got honest with the American people.


Bloomberg News' Zainab Fattah and Aziz Alwan report:

U.S. soldiers clashed with Islamic State militants, helping the Iraqi army repel attacks against the town of al-Baghdadi in the western Anbar province, Al Jazeera TV reported, as Kurdish forces advanced in the north.
The U.S. troops were from al-Assad military base, the biggest in Anbar, First Lieutenant Muneer al-Qoud from the Iraqi police said by phone.

When's Barack planning to get honest with the American people?

Oh, wait.

We've been asking that question for six years now.

Clearly, honesty will have to be forced from Barack, it will not be surrendered on its own.

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