Sunday, November 16, 2014

Editorial: How little they care


You probably heard today that the Islamic State executed another American.  (Peter Kassig became the third.)

And we'd gladly make that outrage our main focus if Iraqi deaths were treated as significant news.

But they're not, are they?

Last week, The Common Ills twice noted the deaths of 15 Iraqis.

  • Iraq snapshot

  • 'Improved' Iraq: Civilians killed in air strikes,...

  • Iraqi civilians in fact.

    Their deaths don't appear to have mattered to the western press.

    The same press that is outraged by the death of 1 American today had nothing to say last week when the US-led air bombing campaign over Iraq killed 15 civilians -- including "six women and four children."

    There was no lamenting those deaths on the part of the US press.

    There was no outcry.

    There was no call for accountability.

    The western press didn't even care which nation had bombed and killed the civilians.

    But today?

    Today, they're outraged over one death.

    It's a death that can be used to sell further bombings.

    The 15 deaths?

    They point to how dangerous and deadly the air campaign really is.

    So the press emphasizes 1 death that will sell further war while burying 15 deaths that would call the war into question.


    We're so very sure.

    The US press has always been for sale, right off the shelf, in a box labeled Iraq War Helper.

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