Sunday, October 12, 2014

Editorial: The Western Media Makes Its Point

The Islamic State executed another journalist on Friday, Raad al-Azzawi.

Conflict News Tweeted:

Despite that Tweet, western journalists either ignored the death or reduced it to a whispered aside.

This after using the executions of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff to whip up a frenzy to sell further war on Iraq.

The French press did the best job of covering the latest execution.  For example, Le Figaro and iTele offered substantive pieces.

But the western press did something even more valuable than cover the death.

They made it clear (yet again) that Iraqi lives do not matter.

Not to them.

Repeatedly, they've been (rightly) accused of ignoring the deaths of Iraqis while pretending to care about Iraq.

But the same media that sold the war in 2003 and that continues to sell the war today doesn't care about the Iraqi people.

That is the message they sent after their wall-to-wall, non-stop coverage bemoaning the deaths of two American journalists compared to their coverage of the execution of Raad.

They only care about Iraq in terms of selling war.

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