Sunday, October 05, 2014

Editorial: Iraq War Whores Just Keep Spinning

How long does The Cult of St. Barack intend to lie to themselves and pretend Barack hasn't taken the Iraq War into yet another stage?

Today, ABC News Tweeted on the latest development.

US Apache helicopters operated by the US?

Sounds like combat.

McClatchy Newspapers Mitchell Prothero also notes the development:

By deploying Apaches into combat, the Obama admin has sorta put boots on the ground in and Anbar looks terrible:

But MSNBC will continue to sell Barack's wars and continue to pretend to be a 'liberal' channel.

Professional whore David Corn will continue to sell the war, even as he's on his knees, his hands behind him, spreading his butt cheeks.

At what point does the "Enough!" point get reached in the United States?

At what point does nutless Robert Parry stop lying and blaming Washington Post columnists for Barack's actions?

You better get your act together real damn quick.

We're killing a roundtable that should go up here -- it'll go into the community newsletters instead.

We're being real damn kind.

Next week?

No improvement in this area?

We're calling all of you out.

Especially the trash that right now can attack Hillary but smooth over what Barack's doing in Iraq.

Consider yourselves to be on notice.

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